You are our grandparents.

related? No. Family? Yes.

Mr. Larry and Ms. Red, even though we call you that

 You are our family, thats a fact

Always there for us when we are down, never do we see you frown...

too much. We make you laugh, we make you cry

We never really want to say goodbye

Across the street, seems like miles away

but in our hearts you are there to stay

We love you

That is true

Nothing will change the way we feel about you

Thank you for everything

And know this, even when we leave, to college or life

we will take you with us in our hearts and in our minds

and we will come back to see you guys.

You will always symbolize

that family doesn't end in blood

Because even if were not related, you are family


This poem is about: 
My family


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