when i first walked into the doors that led to the

next chapter of my life (high school by the way)

i was a fresh new me who thought i would make

the best grades possible and go to harvard but

apparently that wasn't the case and at the end of

the first semester i ended up with all As but one B

and that one B made me really mad because it was

an 88 and not an 89 which they could have just easily

rounded up to 90 but it wasnt.


also i made some new friends: a brain, a weirdo,

a psychopath, a new me, a lazy child, and the

one person who is really nice but can also be an

asshole if you irritate her too much but she is

usually quiet and nice so just dont annoy her and

you will live. 


another thing is that during the summer i got my

first boyfriend who claimed he loved me but

somehow i could never feel it and so when he

finally broke up with me 4 months later and left

me feeling so confused i thought i would never 

love anyone again with the same love that i loved

him with and in a way that's kind of true because 

everybody in this world deserves their own kind of

unique love just like every oyster deserves their own

kind of unique pearl.


all i can say about last year is probably that i did lots

of new things, like meeting new people, a new relationship,

a new start in a new school, and so many other new things

that i didn't feel like mentioning so i will just conclude this

poem but not really with some last words to everyone:

be unique.

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