last year

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Like the beginning of a roller coaster, Slowly climbing up the tracks.  The top was getting closer and closer, Making it harder to relax.    Next comes the dips, twists, drops, and turns,
when i first walked into the doors that led to the next chapter of my life (high school by the way) i was a fresh new me who thought i would make the best grades possible and go to harvard but
This year I was filled with fearFor the future of our countryFor all the people who go hungryFor those who feel unloved Or ever feel that they aren't enough.This year I learned to guard my tongueI felt so naive and so young.This year it seemedMany
Dear Last Year, 
I enter the stage once again I look around me, nothing but friends. I look straight ahead, I see my directors I remember the people who got sold to Vector. I see the blinding lights, the black stage
Outside my window lies a deep sorrow, Wouldn't cheer me up if I would have won a lotto. Droopy eyes and slightly red,
Sweet sleep come to me save me from my mind grace me with your sweet calmness. The horrors of the human race spin 'round, filling my head with dread. So much greed So much grief
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