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How do I lighten my skin?

3,380,000 results in 0.31 seconds

with each result comes

the deterioration of my self worth

I draw a glaring red line

intentionally escalating the continuation
of a generation

that is responsible for every piece of broken glass

crumbling beneath the feet of humanity

because we cannot stand a reflection

which displays the failure

of our willful efforts in attempting to erase


from our existence


How do I become successful?

137,000,000 results in 0.44 seconds

When success is nothing about empathy

and all about the non existence of pigment


90,000,000 results in 0.36 seconds for

How can I exist?

In a sphere where I am synonymous to vitriolic

but the agony of my screams

is a heavenly sound

to those deemed angelic


How do I love myself?

378,000,000 chances I could have discovered in 0.36 seconds

but I still wouldn't have believed a single damn thing


As the entity of hatred begins to deteriorate

I begin accrediting the expanse of a blackened atmosphere

with lyrics designated to beauty

my arm extends

each curve of a finger

one by one

three by four by five

vanishing into the night until beautiful is the tenderness of my melanin soaked skin

until every abysmal notion of looking like Barbie instead of Lupita Nyong'o perishes into existence


until I coerce myself to open my eyes

extracted from my ethereal anti reality

living now in the dimension where I can recall only

the most beautiful of nights

having never been with the absence of ivory stars


The familiarity of a blinking cursor and harsh gleam of an LED as type: How do I lighten my skin?




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