Goodbye Forever

Fri, 06/28/2013 - 16:14 -- Monai

Little boy who claims to know love

Manipulates visions of rose petals and doves

Your words fill my mind with images to relate

False happiness comes with the lies you create

Oh you confused little boy

You've taken my heart and treated it like a toy

Not knowing what you want, you play these games

From this day forward nothing will ever be the same

Hello turns into goodbye

A smiles turns into a cry

Love turns into hate

Now I'm stumbling through the wreakage you created

Foolish of me to ever trust in you

or treat you like a king after all you do

Baby you played this game too well

Held me for three years trapped in you spell

For you I would've traveled the world

Did whatever it took to be your ONLY GIRL

In the end it would never be good enough

This thing calle loved would never work between us

You claimed to love me, you claimed you cared

Fact of the matter is that it was never there

Just the thought of you makes my body cold

It's a pain that peirces me down in my soul

It's like a knife that just won't quit

You repeatedly stab me for the hell of it

I wish I NEVER loved you

I wish I didn't care

I wish I would've never saw you standing there

We said hello just to say godbye

It was never real cause real feelings NEVER die

Either it's always there or it never was

This little romance was jusst a buzz

If I never see your face again I'll be ohkay

All the pain you've caused made me stronger anyway

I love you then and always will 

But that's something you'll never get another chance to feel


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