Goodbye to the Dead Me

Goodbye to the old me,

The one full of sadness, pain, and misery.

She never seemed to show a genuine smile,

Only when she knew she was gonna get higher.

Searching for the love that was lost,

What a low cost.

Nothing to be compared.

Sly and a liar,

Her veins constantly itchy and on fire.

Despondent and suicidal,

Her burning heart was far from whole.

Alone, no family, no friends.

She thought Heroin would be her end.

Drowning in constant shame,

Death being the only thing to bring her fame.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to be,

Constantly searching for the underground to be 

With the leaves and the trees.

Disease spreading like wildfire,

Not one to be admired.

Pure hearted but drowning in sorrow,

She prayed there would be no tomorrow.

The cold white walls and the desperate hands,

Confused herself as a black sheep,

The rest being anguished white lambs.

Although they came from another place,

They were all one in the same.

Just another gray, lost face.

Darkness forming to brightness.

The roots coming from my feet

Cracked like a pair of rotten teeth.

Standing tall with only skin and bones,

I knew it was time for me to go home.

You can't forget that last fix.

It sucks you in as badly as a tick.

The pathways in my brain collided

And I was at last being guided. 

The rays of sunlight poured out of my bones.

They were no longer made out of foam.

Awakening, real, soft, alive.

I was ready to strive.

Freedom, unchained.

My disease could finally be tamed.

Craving life,

I knew I had to put down the Reapers scythe.

Disgusted with my constant frown,

I had no choice but to put the drugs down.

Pled guilty of my sins and

Swam toward a streak of wins.

Colored my eyes,

Light shining for the first time.

Four months in,

I am ready to live.

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