Mon, 01/27/2020 - 18:39 -- Mia_

Courage, pain, pleasure,

All emotions expressed in one's life,

Some bring beauty and other's stay hidden away,

Locked away in a box, growing heavier every day

A burden that one keeps hidden away from all others 

Hidden due to a fear that if I show my emotions I will be seen weak.

So every day when I see your face and I wanna cry

All up until the moment I say goodbye 

I had to lie not to you silly but to me.

Its all because you did not seem to understand that all my pain wasn’t for fun

It was caused by problems that could not be undone

And for you to believe them and not me 

We are no longer meant to be

You werent worth the time or pain

I do not wish to see you again

From here on out if we cross eachothers path

Do not say hi as if the past is just the past

I dont wish you harm I instead wish you a farewell

For this may be last time untill we meet in hell.



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