Good To You

I'll fight my way to the top.

Do what I need to

Do, what I have to;

Turn into the bad guy.

Do what I want to do,

Do what I can to do

Anything I can to

Win you over.

No matter the distance, I'll make it to you.

Just tell me what you want;

I'll do anything for you.

Tell me what you need,

However you want it.

I'll give it all up to you;

Anytime, anyway, anyday.

Beat down all the liars,

Beat down all the cheaters,

Beat down everyone in my way.

I'll do anything to be in first place.

Ain't nobody gonna tell me "no,"

But there's no way I'd ever tell you "no."

Just tell me when and where,

And I'll be there for you;

Just want to be good to you, good for you.


Nadia Skye

This is my first poem in a couple weeks. I wrote this one a while ago. Please let me

know what you guys think! I appreciate all commentary (even negative ones,

because I see it as constructive critism!)

Take care, everyone!


It reminds me of the phrase: today for you, tomorrow for me, but without the second part and being unconditional. Okay, pretty, it's full delivery

Nadia Skye


Thanks! Check out some of my other stuff, too, please!

-Nadia Skye

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