The Good Things: Skiing

Skiing is good, have you ever been?

I have since I was only three.

I've missed some years, since those hills I've seen.

It makes me the happiest I'll ever be.


Have you ever felt the powder as you cut it like flesh?

Have you ever felt the hill, early morning, groomed and fresh?

Have you ever seen the bunnies, in their posh Spyder gear?

I pay them no mind, they aren't why I'm here.


I'm here to ride, to kill, maim, and burn.


I'll ride every trail, from Mardi Gras to Longbow.

I'll kill every notion of safety I hold.

I'll maim every last muscle, head through toe.

I'll burn backtrails, risking death, tree crashes, and cold.


So come out with me, I'll be rocking my Fischers.

See me fail and crash, and probably hit on your sister.

I'll ride from the first lift run until it's 2am and I'm dead.

Still, I'll sleep quiet and happy with my legs of cold lead.


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