Good Poetry

Happy girls can't write poetry.

A poem full of smiles isn't as good as a poem full of tears

because no one cares about you being in love or how you woke up smiling.

Good poems are made from downfalls.

Everyone wants to hear how you broke,

How daddy was your first heartbreak,

How the boy who whispered "I love you" deceived you,

How depression is tearing you apart,

How anxiety turns you into a recluse,

How mentally, physically, and spiritually you're sick,

How your mom abuses you,

How you look in the mirror and hate yourself

because life has worn you down and beat you up leaving you to die, bloody on the ground.

No one cares that you picked yourself up and cared for your wounds.

No one cares about you rising above all. No one cares about you learning to love and smile again.

No one cares about happy poems,

Because happy girls can't write poetry.

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