The Good Old Days

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 12:55 -- zohak

Back when we were all friends 
Back when nobody used to judge each other –  
Because of popularity  
Or current trends.  


Back when people were nice to each other.  
And they didn’t need a reason 
To compliment you.  


Those days were the best.  
You weren’t put to a test.  
Society wasn’t oppressed.  
Everything was blessed.  


Anyways –  


Ash was cool.  
She’d been my best friend 
Since the fifth grade.  
I invited her to my house after school 
Almost every day.  


Where is she now?  
She’s hanging out with the populars.  
And can’t stop talking smack about me 
Because she’s a gossiper.  


And when I turn to say hey! 
To wish her a happy birthday. 
She looks at me with dismay.  
And I look away.  
We’re over.  


Our friendship is done.  


The next person in the picture 
Has done less stress  
Because it’s not her fault she moved away.  


Allie was my twin.  
We did everything together.  
Played in games.  
Listen to music.  
We both loved “Heathers”.  


I have her number.  
It’s not like we text.  

Or call.  

Our friendship was at a fall,  
When we lost touch. 


What we had before 
Was lost in the shore 
Of forgotten.  


And then there’s me.  
Smiling happily. 
Without a care 
Cause my friends are right there.  
And I believed they would stand beside me. 
Anytime, Anywhere.  


The picture brings memories 
Of the past sixth grade.  
When our friendship wasn’t betrayed.  
And we were all the same.  


I wish I was back in the Good Old Days. 


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