Good Guy Gone Bad

Your gonna witness 1st hand better yet you going to be a victim of what its like when you hurt a good man
I wanna get back with you so I can hurt you on purpose.
You didn't deserve me being good to you. Telling you the truth respect was everything thing at least in my book your book was different wrote in pencil erasing loyalty replaced with disrespect and lies you told more than a few
You should of gotten dog out cheated on made a complete fool of making you regret the choice of ever giving me a 2nd chance. Laying up cuddling after sex things that you liked. Gonna use what you like and love against you right after sex i should of embarrassed you nutted on ya body and face rushing you throwing your clothes at take a shower when you get home wash cloth please use your shirt to clean your self off with. Hit you with so what you bout to do question should of laughed at you asking me to spend the night. You can leave on your on or you can get kicked out. Club scene we came together i should of ignored you played like you was invisible act confused like what I do. Coming back from the bar 2 drinks in hand saying thank you. reaching for one of the glasses get your on this one is for me and the girl sitting behind you. Listening to your problems while you crying barley listening expressions on my making your problems even worse. Walks in the mall together holding hands this time none of that PDA is happening treating you like a stranger calling different girls names remembering yours not important. When it's all said and done this is what happens when you do a good guy wrong and didn't appreciate me being sensitive catering to your emotional needs. I'm a menace causing all kinds of pain and trouble unfaithful nore trustworthy you broke my heart and brought this side out of me pay back is wrong and I shouldn't try to get even. I loved you with no second thought with no doubt in my mind
you said I hate you I'll make you swallow every word do you worst than any of your ex's.

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