The Good Girl


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She was the one everyone awarded for not being the one to be in the streets like the others. Being with her grand-mother she was taught the Do's and Dont's of the world, mainly boys. "Baby your beautiful,never fall short for a man" she always said, but being a teenager and thinking she was in love;she did. Two months into the relationship she was head over hills for him,not knowing the heart-breaking feeling she would feel. It was a surprising moment to her and everyone else when she found out she was pregnant. No one could believe the girl they once were looking forward to get into a top college would now be pushing strollers,and changing diapers at the age of 14. Trying to hide it from everyone didn't much work when the father started to act as someone she had never knew. Denying a seed that was his,disrespecting,lying,cheating,and deceiving her. This was the heart-breaking feeling she was not ready for, the feeling her grand-mother had always told her about. The disappointment in her mother's eyes,voice,and everything else was more than she could handle. So what was she to do ? Was she to go against the father's wishes and keep a child that was now her's? Or was she to make everyone else happy and abort the baby? Decisions,Decisions she was forced with just now entering high school as a freshman. This good girl who had her whole life ahead of her was now forced to grow up before time, and it was the act of being disobedient. This girl was now feeling all alone in the world with no one to turn to, except the seed she had conceived. So what did she do ? She went against everyone else's wishes and made herself happy. Her and her seed, well now child would have eachother disappointing everyone else.
This good girl,
was ME !



A strong example of self-affirmation and reflection. Choosing to keep the child under such pressure and circumstances must have been a hard decision, and I thank you for putting your experiences down in words to share. If you want to further mold this poem, consider giving it a definite form or structure--play with line lengths and stanza breaks. If not, it stands as a solid prose poem. Thanks for sharing!

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