She said she's leaving
her last two weeks were the worst
I want you to leave!
Despite my joy, she..
she spends her days giving us homework
one class seminar
a vocab. exam
one analysis essay
it should be tragic
very tragic, but
I cant help but to smile
when are you leaving?
as I plan a ploy
to decrease her time here
I'm stuck with homework
take Route 66
and go very far away
I will miss you!... Not.
jump into a lake
and swim with alligators
just leave already!
I may seem very...
cruel, but she isn't so bad.
She brings Starbucks in
her very last day
she brings in coffee and bread
why is she so nice?
On last few weeks, she
gives us time to raise our grades
I thank you for that
you're a little cool
you could be funny and chill
once in a while
but I can't tell you these things
I'll get in trouble
although they are not all bad 
I just don't like you



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