Good Advice

“Follow the stars!” the tabloids say

so I take their advice

I follow the stars and the moon in the sky

tracing their paths as the night goes by

“Let your voice be heard!” the politicians say

so I take their advice

I let the world know how I feel  

through rhymes, couplets, and metaphorical wheel

“Beware, beware!” the newscasters say

so I take their advice  

I will be aware, aware of the world at my side

of the possibilities that stretch so far and wide  

“Control creativity!” the authorities say

so I take their advice

I control my creativity, I don’t let it rule me

so life is happy in my own self democracy  

“Listen to the heart!” the doctors say

so I take their advice

I listen to my heart in conjunction with my head

for its far better to be wise than to be dumb and dead  

“Live every second!” the old folks say

so I take their advice

I live every second and every day  

and I intend to keep living ‘till my life fades away

I take their advice for it is always given free

it is only ever intended to assist me

and if you doubt this to be completely true  

I kindly suggest you consider a different point of view


This poem is about: 
Our world


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