Gone Forever

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 22:19 -- sil1293

Blood drips from those little blue eyes.

Yet no one can see them. They fade away with the fake smile and fake laugh. 

Clock is ticking and words repeating. Worthlessness, brokenness, sadness, loneliness.


Tick tock, tick tock, her soul is tortuously being ripped from her by each passing second. 

Each passing day, each passing night.


When the sun sets, when the moon hides between the clouds. Everything is put to rest. 

Except for her. 


A thin slice from a blade to the skin, all who think it's a deadly sin. 

Memories and pain fill each empty gap inside of her soul. 

There is a fire burning in her mind, the blood gushing from her she finds. 

One slice took too far, cut the vein and off she goes. 

One last breath of air before she falls. Skull crashing to the floor as the memories shatter. 

Lips turn blue, now her body is cool. 

No one knows that she no longer goes on. 


Life flashes before her dead dazed eyes.

Little did she know what was in her future.


A young woman filled with light and happiness,

she got the white picket fence and two perfect little baby girls.

A hard working man by her side, shining the way for her.

Her world was lit up like fireworks, her graceful smile not fading once.


Now she'll never see the day her babies take their first step.

She'll never see their first tooth come in.

She'll never be able to look back on the day she walked down the aisle to the love of her life.

No taking her children to kindergarten and watching them run off with little backpacks and

a big grin on their faces.

She'll never be able to feel the warmth of her husbands arms embracing her. 


It all repeated over and over in her dying soul until everything faded to black.

The life she would have lived is gone forever. She took it with her when her last breath was

ripped from her body.


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