"Sam, call 911."

my brother, 8 at the time, looks up at our dad. Sam's face is clouded with fear and confusion.

"Right now Sam, call 911"

I watch my daddy, who always apeared tall, young, healthy. He now looks weak and tired, leaning back on the couch, holding his chest.

I hear Sam on the phone. In a shaky voice he stutters out whats wrong, our home address and other information.

Sam hangs up, telling daddy that the lady said they would be here soon and grabs baby Will from his highchair as the phone rings

I answer it.


Or neighbors got a call from my mom, they are coming over to bring us to there house. What about daddy?

from our neighbors porch, i see the flashing lights. MEn and women swarm from this car and go into our house. flashing lights are everywhere. i see a long table being brought out with a body on it.




"alright katie, we are going to go get your pajamas, ok?" ok

i head stright for the living room, looking for my daddy, but the room is empty.

Daddy's gone.

the cars and people and lights are gone now. It just looks


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