Gomenasai (I'm Sorry)


United States
37° 50' 16.0296" N, 75° 41' 26.2464" W

We were friends
We knew each other well
But there are things I didn't know
I didn't know them until it was too late
You were hurting
I didn't know
You were lost
I didn't know
You wanted it all to end
I didn't know
You were happy
I knew that
Or I thought so
It was Mother's Day
When I got that call
That dreaded phone call
"A young boy shot himself
You should know him
He goes to your school"
My brain goes into overdrive
Screaming, shouting
"No, no I can't be him"
I think back to Friday
I saw you at your locker
I wished you well
Told you to have a nice weekend
You nodded and smiled
You said you'd see me on Monday
I didn't know that Friday would be the last day
The last day that I'd ever see you
My heart begins to scream
"It's him; it's him"
I go to your Facebook page
There are messages
"Stay strong...we love you"
The tears begin to form
I still refuse to believe this
I send that text
"Is he okay?"
I get the reply
I see the word that makes me sick
I break down
The guilt becomes too much
I wasn't there enough
I could have invited you to hang out
With me and my friends
But I didn't
You were my friend
But I never asked you to hang out
I feel as though I've let you down
I feel as though it's my fault
I just wasn't there
What kind of friend am I?

Now I know you're with Him
That big man upstairs
Watching down on me
You're proud of me
I can feel it
The two year anniversary has just passedd
I cried some of that day
I felt guilty again
But I felt you around me
You are proud of me
You are proud of us
And you my friend
Are forever a part of
The class of 2013
I just have one more thing to say
From me to you

I know I let you down
My friend
My classmate

I hope you are proud of us


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