God's Letter to the Depressed/Suicidal

Sweet child, listen.

Please will you look at me?

I know you see the water.

         the peace beneath the sea.

But maybe one day,

         We’ll go look at that for ourselves…

                   By scuba diving in the ocean

                   …not taking it upon ourselves.

The world is here for you.

         So unkind it can seem to be.

But please sweet child of mine,

         Try and see what I’ve seen:

You are so beautiful and loved.

         I’m sure this you’ve heard

                   If repeating its become and nonsense you think it seems,

                   Will you let me show what you mean to me?

Come sweet child of mine,

         Please come follow me.

         I know you’re sick and that sickness is sad,

                   Overbearing your mind from Me,

                   But please hold onto me a little tighter,

                            I promise to get you through.

Oh sweet child I need you here.

         I need you to stay until I say you can go.

         Please trust in Me.

Come to my house, alone if you’d like.

         Welcomed you’ll always be.

Many find it to be peaceful,

         a little serenity.

But come sweet child and cry,

         if that it is what you need.

                   Create your own sea in my house

                   Then let me sit in the waters with you,

                            Just be open to me.

I’m a little hard to hear at times

         but this you must believe:

         I was there with you as your thoughts came streaming in.

         I was there as you walked to this ledge.

         I am here as you look at that water.

         I know the peace you think you see ahead.

         But I know this is not your time…

My child,

         Please stay here.

         I’ve been where you are.

         I need you to keep looking towards me.


Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741