God's Greatest Gift


A four letter word that we say to one another.
We make it, give it, or take it from one another.
God's greatest commandment was Love. 
So why do we abuse it?
Lust is clearly spelled differently so why do we confuse it?
If God is love and we are His kids,
 why don't we do what Jesus Christ did?
Why don't we crucify our sins and come to God in prayer
And ask for that Agape love that is supposed to be there? 
I guess its cause we're too busy falling in love with ourself,
And what or whoever ignites our 5 senses and intensifies our flesh.
But see, He didn't give us this light so we could be discreet.
He gave us this light to shine throughout the street.
By my lovingkindness, have I drawn thee. 
So I should show love to all, to draw all unto me, 
So I have to follow christ if they decide to follow me.
But I can't be anything God called me to be,
He sent His Son because of love
And they nailed Him to a cross.
He was suspended from His throne on high
To save every wretch in this room who was lost.
He encased Himself in this fleshly shell
To show us that we can live life well,
So we won't have to go to hell.
But instead we become slaves to our sin
The very thing He was beaten down for
And for everytime you've acted on that "I can't help it"
Is when YOU strike Him once more.
Hey hey hey! Chill. It ain't that deep.
God knows I'm only human.
Nobody can become perfect overnight.
God knows my heart,
So He won't trip over a FEW little white lies.
Now see, your human mind will allow those lies to multiply
Soon you'll be lying about not lying about those same old lies.
And then using that same mouth to gossip,
Where's the love in that?
But then we wonder why everytime we turn around,
We're pulling a knife from our own backs.
Putting ourselves into war
And then blaming the devil that we're under attack.
What kinda madness is that??
Come now, let us reason together
Unless you wanna stay in this dry season forever?
See, your spending time in bondage
Like there's no limit to be reached
The prices of sin is very steep
You can't afford a sinner's keep.
You can't afford to be a liar, or a drunk, or a trick.
Because when you lay you down to sleep
Who do you pray to for your soul to keep?
Now you may not wanna submit to God, 
but no matter the reason why,
You may decide to LIVE in sin, but don't let that be 
where you decide to DIE.
Now, I know a man named Jesus, 
I'm sure you've heard of Him before.
He's especially popular with the backsliders
You know, the ones who slide in and out that back door.
He was resurected, to show us we can have everlasting life
But we can only obtain that if we completely surrender to Christ.
He wants to shower you in forgiveness, if you would only
 come baring repentance. 
I said He wants to shower you in forgiveness, if only you would 
Come bare-ing repentance.
And with the power of the Holy Ghost He wants 
You to change into deliverance.
And no he doesn't want half because He refuses to share.
And he's gonna instill in you what He wants to be there.
So you can be his bride
One in whom He can show pride.
Do you realize how much you are loved?
Do you realize all that Jesus does?
When he married you, grace and mercy were at your side,
And the Father and the Holy Ghost at His.
And He promised that throughout his life, death, resurrection, and return,
He would show you what real love is,
love you didn't. even. earn.


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