The rhythmic cadence of her heels

complements her soothing vioce

that echoes in their hear drums

She reveals her grace with each stride

Her eyes straight forward

No hesitation, no fear only determination

driven to succeed

She breathes in expectations

Yet exhales reality

Men dishonor her for her allure

Crude comments show ignorance

A weakness that feeds the princess

Only those who pay notice are fools

Her looks are a diversion

Covering up her scheme

She gathers intel by acting like a barbie

Unaware that she has more to offer,

Men wait on her hand and foot.

With one snap of her fingers,

They offer the world,

accidentally giving up their power.

Men will do everything and anything for approval

She plays the part provided

Taking a hand full of sand

Transforming it into a diamond

She takes disadvantages and turns them into opportunities

The pull of attraction is far to great

Men follow blindly into their deaths

They are no longer the power house

The tides have turned

She now holds the crown,

While all men bow to her feet.

She is the world

She is life

She is their Goddess


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