God, Can you Hear Me?


God? God?! Can you hear me? I scream your name every day. I patiently wait for an answer, but I never receive one. I want to her you speak to me. Sally up the street and Michael around the corner and Jonathon over the hill say they hear you answer their prayers every day. Why don't you answer mines? Aren't I as good as them? I make straight A's. I listen to my parents. I respect all adults. Sally and Michael and Jonathon don't do that. They skip school and never come home and have kids out of wedlock and smoke weed. You answer them, but not me? Why God? Can't you hear me? Am I just talking to myself? Can you give me a sign that you're there? If you aren't maybe I'm not getting your attention. Do I need to have a child at sixteen? Do I need to smoke weed? Do I need to skip school? I can't hear you yet God. Can you hear me? Am I important to you? You make me feel like I don't matter. Are you real? Are you listening? God, can you hear me? Can you hear me?! Maybe I need to come and talk to you personally. I don't get it God. I go to church. I listen for you. I see the old ladies around me catching the so-called Holy Ghost when we both know they only want attention. I want to really feel that. I don't want the attention. It can just be between me and you. I won't tell anyone else if you tell me too. I want you to show me that you're there. God, Can you hear me? Can you hear me?! Listen! Listen to me! I'm tired of screaming waiting on you to answer me. It's been sixteen years. I can't wait anymore for you to listen. I'm done. If you're real or aren't real, it doesn't matter to me anymore. Maybe I can get your attention once I stop searching for you. By God, you don't have to listen to me anymore.


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