This God

Tue, 05/21/2024 - 11:23 -- Peepen

Trying to get mama's attention
This toddler needs some milk
Looks like she has a lot of questions
His face, she always seek
In Jesus' name we've prayed, she always mention
Who's this entity? I couldn't pick

This continued for weeks, months and years
Worshipping him because he's the only one
In his presence, there's nothing like fears
Mama says he knows me, I'm his son
She said he wipes people's tears
Whoever doesn't believe him will burn
In guilt, Shane for uncountable years

This God...
Whom everyone pays reverence to
This Most High
Who made me grow
To the one who can stand on the toe
This God...
I chuckled
"He lives in you" Mama unfold.


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