Your future never stops.
Therefore your list of goals should never end.
Senior year, most think the journey is over.
When its actually just about to begin.

Graduation is not the end of the road.
But only a pit stop along the way.
My first short term goal i wish to achieve -
Is to walk across the stage with a 3.5 GPA.

But i must admit,
my life have aready been long and hard times 5.
Even for a young teenage girl
at my age and size.

By Fall of 2013,
I'll be studying psyhology at Georgia Gwinnett or Georgia State.
I also wish to have my first job.
So I'll have some money on my plate.

Five years from now,
I see myself working on my master's degree.
I'll also have my own house, car ..
Don't believe me? Ok we'll see.

By the age of 23,
I want to be COMPLETELY on my own.
Not dependent on friends nor family.
Idependent women stand on their own.

10 years from now,
I plan to be officially done with school.
Have my own psychology business.
"Im The Boss, My Rules"

By then i should also be settling down
with my one and only true love <3
Get married, have a couple kids...
All of the above ;)

Well, those are my future plans.
Easier said than done.
But life is SUPPOSE to be a struggle.
Plus, the best is yet to come!!!


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