Go On Get Your Gold


United States
33° 45' 52.8084" N, 84° 47' 1.5792" W

Please excuse yourself from the table
Your sanity is rudeness to the world
War makes men crazy &
Decisions make women insane
Tattoo my names on your chest
If you're not too punk to do it
Stand through the door
But look passed the mirror
& step right into it

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Well...stupid is what stupid does
Let me cry upon your shoulder
High on your love, hold me til I'm sober
Slap yourself awake
& shake me til I fall asleep
Right aboe the city that never sleeps
But below the city that does

So go ahead
Go away
Go on & get your gold
All the words that left your mouth with the secrets never told
Your act is old...too old.


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