To Go Back Home


Yes Sergeant, yes.  I’ll do your bidding.

Take your orders and dress to your fitting.

Wield my weapon to protect my nation.

Yet, know in my heart there’s no relation.


I signed my life over, and risked it all.

Even with my wife crying back home.


I see a rat scurry across the floor,

Searching for food, scrounging for more.

In a foreign country where they hate us all,

I just want to be back at home.


In my hand, I read a letter and look at a picture,

I see its from my angel back at home.

The woman I left there long, long ago.

On a front porch crying all alone.


There’s something I feel,

Deep in my soul.

A want, a longing, to be back at home.

I want to see her once again before I go.


I hear guns go off, a pressure from behind the wall, a bright light…

And then I’m gone.


Now it’s too late.

I’ll never go home.

Looking down from above, I see my angel below.

I see her crying on our front porch all alone.


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