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Why is it

That we must pay

For others mistakes?

Why does this world hurt us,

Make us distrustful?

What happened to the days

When a person could walk down the street,

Whistling, singing, humming a merry tune

Without being judged?


The door to happiness has been locked,

The key thrown away.

All the doors have been locked.

Keys clutched tightly to chests, hidden from view.


Every month there is a new shooting.

Every month, we become more accustomed.

Every time someone says,

"Ugh, Again?"

Instead of,

"Oh, that's awful! How tragic! I'm so sorry for those people!"

It rips out a piece of my already torn heart.


How to turn back time?

How to love one another once again?

People kill and hurt each other

For the stupidest reasons.


Can we go back?

Back to the good days,

When people laughed and smiled,

(For real)

Not worried about whether Trump will ruin our country.

Not worried about whether their school,

Or job,

Or mall,

Or train station,

Or airport

Is next.


Is it too late?

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Our world
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