Go away

The pain from another the abuse 

Your words hurt me not heal me 

You say you miss me but then demands for submission 

Trust is what I gave you once upon a time 

But regert is all I feel for you now 


You call me names 

Ignorant, slut, fat, and many more 

As I try to escape all you do is corner me 


I'm finally free but you contact me daily 

Go away I don't pain and suffering 

I once gave you trust but now I have nothing to give anymore 


You make me feel the words you call me 

By the end of the day all I feel is like a slut 

I forgive you for the pain you've caused me 


But right now all i want from you is to leave 

Leave me to mend myself 

Leave me to make myself strong 


The trust I gave you was a mistake that won't be made again 

You are from me so none of my pain can be seen  

Your abuse is not what I want or need 


Go away for I don't need you anymore 

I don't depend on you 

For i am stong, beautiful, and intelligent 


Your gone for I don't need you

Within my soul you are nothing 

Goodbye abuser for I am no longer your's 


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