Glitched Perception

A split second is all it takes,

for everything to change whilst everything stays the same.

The surroundings have remained constant

but the perception has glitched.

Suddenly everything seems distant, it falters – a twitch.  

No cause other than the mind,

distorting reality one moment at a time.

Biologically unbalanced and relentlessly deceitful,

it can’t allow for a blink of rest,

as it tests every thought and feeling and memory,

bending it out of form.

A few moments ago was contentment,

but now there is no sensory memory.

It knows it to be true but there is no proof.

The disassociated intellect gasps for air,

but chemicals persist – insist –

and the instant rush of hopelessness grips.

The same host, possessed by their demons,

stares vacantly in the hopes that this time it will not last.

The all-consuming darkness besieges its victim once more:

ferocious, forceful just as before.



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