Glass Box



They’re in a glass box,

And you can’t reach them.


You can’t find the key…


They scream,

But you can only see the horror on their faces,

Unable to do anything.


You can’t find the key…


Nothing you say reaches,

Because they don’t hear you,

Or they choose not to.


You can’t find the key…


They cry,

They pound on the glass box,

Begging to be let out,

Begging for comfort,

For relief.

And you pound on it too,

Trying to break it down with just your bare hands,

But the glass holds.


Where is the damn key to let you in?


You want to be there,

You want to help,

You want to take all their pain away,

But how?

How do you help them when they’re hurting in their minds?


You can’t find the key, you can’t find the key, you can’t find the key…


They compose themselves most of the time,

They keep people at a distance,

Some are isolated,

Some put on a smiling face,

Some are unaware that they have trapped themselves in the glass box,

And no one else seems to notice.


But you do, you do and it frustrates you so much, because you see the box, you see the lock, but there’s no key,

And you look, and look, and look,

And you try, and try, and try,

But you can’t find it.


You watch them suffer,


Your loved one,

Your son,

Your daughter,

Your sibling,

Your parent,

Your family,

Your significant other,

And it kills you, and it hurts, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t save them.


There is a glint in the corner of their glass box,

It’s so small,

That they haven’t noticed,

And you haven’t noticed,

Until now,

And you realize where that key’s been all along.


They haven’t noticed it,

They carry on,





You cry,

You hurt,

Because now you see the key,

You found the damn key,

But you can’t reach it,

And they don’t see it,

Or they choose not to.


You shatter,

Your heart shatters,

Because you realize that you can’t save them,

Because if they haven’t seen the key,

You can’t save them,

Because in the end,

Only they can save themselves.


You found the key,

But they are still trapped.

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