Tue, 08/22/2017 - 17:11 -- ChasB

Dust. Sweep. Mop. Clean. All day every day. 

I do what you say, my Prince Charming. 

But you still hit me anyway. 

You said I was your dream. 

Remeber how we danced? All the way until twelve. 

The shoe slipped and I ran.

I wish I had kept running. 

You were the only wish in my heart. 

But now you broke the glass slipper

leaving it shattered and bloody. 


Dust. Sweep. Mop. Clean. Repeat. 

I'll be better, my Prince Charming! 

Please put the whip away. 

This isn't a dream anymore. 

Oh no. This is my nightmare. 

Remeber how you looked for me? 

I do. But now I wish I stayed up stairs. 

Locked away.

But it's all the same. 


Dust. Sweep. Mop. Repe-

Actually I have a better idea, my Prince Charming!

I'll pull out the pumpkin, the mice, and the dog. 

And turn them into something better! 

A hearse fit perfectly for you. 

This is a dream come true,

just to be away from you! 

Oh, being free is the only wish my heart makes. 

Please, I'll get over you. 

You're not worth my tears or the gum on my shoe. 

I thought you'd make me happy, 

but instead I put up with abuse. 


So here's to all the "Prince Charmings" out there. 

You can keep the stupid glass shoes. 





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