Given a Chance


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Going to school is hard.
Going to school is fun.
When I look back, I think of what I've done.

I had a kid, who means the world to me.
He's showed me who I need to be.
It's a struggle every day.
Sometimes I want to move far away.

I'm a senior in high school.
If I quit now, I'd be a fool.
I'm continuing on to be the best I can.
My son will be my biggest fan.

I look back to the fun days.
I look to God and praise!
He's given me someone to keep me on track,
And for that, I'll never go back.

Going back to the days before
Will make me cry in the floor.
I never would have made it this far.
Unable to get free, I'd be stuck in the tar.

I've been given the chance to succeed.
I have someone else to feed.
With my education,
I'm full of determination.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

use your son as a motivation to graduate and achieve more
never go back to your ways-if anything, use that as a tool to better yourself
your poem reflects on your struggles, along with strength to better one's life
i'm a power poetry mentor-keep writing, great job

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