Give until it hurts

I relinquish my vittles
To the point where my blood secretes
From my screaming pores
"It hurts "they yell
So I give until it hurts some more
The reason to delve into generous endeavors
Is selfless like a family Christmas
Whining mouths shout out
"Gimme, gimme"
So I give until it hurts once more
Saving for oneself
Is so loathsome
The hoarding so unwholesome
Like an itchy red rash
Dappled in acidic lotion
I'll take no potion
To be free of self
Well I pray to the alpha and the Omega
My God is never placed on the shelf
I've been swindled
Into storing up more than a little
To become rich and wide in the middle
The more I have
The more I suffer
But I still give until it hurts me more
There's a schism
Between my hand and my pocket
So I tote a chain
Attached to a Locket
Which I then pawned
For a couple of dollars
That's why she hollered
"Stop it! Stop it! That's my locket! "
I was shocked
To be so blatantly caught
I wanted more and I unfortunately got it
Instead of just giving until it hurt me more
The chasm between
My mind and my heart
Tells me to fill within
My innermost parts
A gift to The giver
No matter how insatiable
Our stomachs are
It can't be that far
Heaven on Earth
When I give until it hurts me more

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