Give Thanks


Today, we celebrate in thanksgiving;

let us all be thankful that we are living.

We have all made it through another year;

let us give thanks to those far and near.


At some point, all lives have been blessed;

with some being more fortunate than the rest.

Occasionally, we feel that our lives are bad;

but compared to others, we should be glad.

Let us remember those in need;

rid our hearts of selfishness and greed.


Let us be thankful for living to see this day;

also be thankful for those who have passed away.

Let us give thanks for having laughter;

the dreams that we all chase after.


Let us charish one another;

mother, father, sister, and brother

Let us not dwell on the past;

make the most of life because it goes by fast.


Let us give thanks for all that we own,

and all the dedication to our well being that others have shown.

Let us be thankful for the sun in the sky,

as well as every day as it passes by.


Love and cherish your family and friends,

and every relationship as it begins and if it ends.

Be thankful for all the food that you eat,

and every new person that you meet.

Be thankful for those who helped you become who you are,

because without their help, you wouldn't have made it very far.


So, make the best you can out of every day;

be thankful for everything that comes your way.

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