Girls! Girls! Girls!

A young girl silenced by society-

Suffocated by the hands of oppression.

Punished for her body parts-

Or lack thereof.


Her potential escapes her-

Like water from a leaky sink.

Built up angst flooding her veins

Nearing her heart.


No man wants an unlady-like girl.

“Cross your legs!”, they’ll say.

And she does-

Restraining herself for correctness.


No man wants a woman with an opinion.

“Bite your tongue!”, they’ll order.

Tasting her words-

They become more rancid by the second.


Who could ever love a prude?

“Take it off!”, they insist.

Her body stripped of its dignity

Only to fuel a violating burn.


Raped by a world of sexism-

Of male-pleasing demands.

A young girl fades into the background-

Silent and unnoticed.


Molded into this image by society,

She’s now a reject-

For being a conformist, a bore, a slut.

Intrigue- a simple flame blown out by the wind.


Society’s handcrafted deviant- an anomaly.

Who could love her now?


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Our world
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