The Girl Who Did Everything Right

There once was a princess that did everything right.

She didn't lie, 

she didn't swear,

and said her prayers every night. 


She kept up with her studies

and aced every test. 

With her hair the perfect curl, 

and her skin the softest brown, 

She always looked her best.


Despite all this,

there was something she missed. 

She had never been loved. 

She had never been kissed. 


Of course she was admired,

she was a princess for heaven's sake!

Soon she'd have to find a charming husband,

for this was her fate. 


She had kissed a few frogs,

but none were her prince. 

They said she'd find her true love,

but she wasn't convinced. 


Till one day 

she was caught 

by a heavenly surprise.

Another lonely princess, 

who was lurking nearby.


Her hair like the sun 

and her eyes full of fire,

confidence in her step, 

her lips dripped with desire. 


Our princess was stunned.

This cannot be right! 

For she was to find a husband, 

she must search for her knight!


But these feelings she felt, 

she had never felt before,

this is what was missing

this is what she yearned for.


She realized that 

she had searched for love

in all the wrong places. 

It was not in calloused hands.

It was not in bearded faces.


So she worked up the courage, 

she used all her might, 

if this love is wrong, 

this girl doesn't want to be right. 







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