The Girl Next Door


The Girl Next Door


Dripping in gold

I’m shining in the club

All the men, they want a chance to hold


Not your average girl next door

I’m Queen of the Night

"C’mon Daddy, let’s take it to the floor"


I drop it like it’s hot

On the floor, On the floor

I can tell that you want more


It's just a little fun

For your soul. For your soul

“Baby, do you wanna bolt?”


You said, “It must be love at first sight”

I said, “I think it’s just the light”

You think you’re my white knight


Don’t you know who I am?

Don’t you know why I hold your hand?

Don’t mistake my advance for romance.

Baby, I’m Queen of the Night.


Shining in the club

Dripping in gold

All the men they wanna hold

I’m just tryna pay my loan


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