Girl in the mirror reflecting


Looking in the mirror and think of shame.

Shame, Same, Shame.

The name fits.

What is wrong with you shame!

Reflecting back, I suppose I recon you.

By the way your eyes are penetrating through mine.

Almost as if, I was darkness taking over your shine.

All your life you've been living a lie.

So many crimes you have committed but cannot deny.

Trying to escape the constant frightening of your life deadline

While your soul is burning from humiliation, Desperation..

So many hatred for your disgrace

You even dishonored your own race

To save face

 To save face!

To save face!


But now,

You're looking back in the mirror

Hoping to claim brave for shame.

Refusing to understand that we're no longer the same

For it was you,

You whom cast brave away in the first place.

For you two had;

Same features

Same structures

Almost the same name

What a shame!

You must feel enraged.

Cause I don't know who you are,

You have lost my faith.


Being the brave one scrutinizing the girl in the mirror conniving reflection

Took all my will.

Looking back through the mirror, with no complexion,

And wondering...

How can such self, mastered manipulation.

Not wanting to stay trap around such bad influence.

Determination became my inspiration.

Inspired to battle out the shame witching me.

And yes did I cast out that bondage from me!

Sweet victories of watching you leave.

Finally inhaling then actually breathe.

Now, when looking back after within the foggy steam

In the mirror,

It will just be the old brave me.
























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