There’s a girl out there.

There’s more to this girl then just a pretty face.

An image beautiful on the outside, but one that feels worn on the inside from the stares of inquisitive spectators…processed output…fake smiles…


A teenage girl who spends half her time interpreting experiences through a social networking site.

Yet a girl who has goals, dreams.

Who hopes one day, she’ll find that perfect guy all girls wish for.

Or has she already found him?

A never ending battle between love and affection, right from wrong.

Consuming every thought in her mind.


Often a pessimist.

With some optimistic life questions that ask, what if there was such a thing as total world peace?

What if there was no war, no money.

An equation with a simple solution, no problems.


But part of this girl’s life may just be a fantasy.

A struggle to belong to the real world and figments of her imagination.

Who never quite knows what could happen next.

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

That’s what most people try to believe in, right?



Maybe this girl is too hard on herself, overthinks.

Maybe this girl doesn’t appreciate what she has in her life.

Or, maybe this girl is just another human swimming through the stages of growth to inevitable death.

Still trying to find herself and ultimately discover who she really is.

She might never find the answers, might never even know what those “answers” are she wishes to find.

But she will never stop trying.

Never give up.

Perseverance in her nature.

Determination in her soul, that may fade but never fails to resurface.

Who exactly is this girl?

That girl out there..


She needs to find herself.

To get back into existence, as her hand is slipping from its grasp on the edge.

Needing to be propelled back into the air like a bird searching for food, however always eventually returns to home.

Identify her reason for being an individual, like a fingerprint, a difference contained on each and every person.

A unique person, unlike any other

Just one entity.

One out of 7.046 billion.


Her name is Victoria.



I am that girl. 


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