that girl

That girl

you see that girl over there

the girl with the naive face

the one  who trust everyword you say

the girl who doubt herself still?

with the scars across her hips and the anxiety pouring out of her like rain?

worried about being alone and imaging herself as the ,"popular kids"

that girl over there,

the one with duck tape holding her mouth hostage

and instead of those voices going out there're going in, pounding into her skull

a thousand voices talking with such cruelty that even the devil would gasp

with these voices that girl looks around with heartache wanting to be save

but what that girl doesn't know is that she can only save herself

and while being struck over and over again like a voodoo doll

that girl dies

but what replaces that girl is this girl

this girl stands a little taller

this girl sees the truth beneath the lies

this girl is less naive than that girl

this girl now knows how to protect herself 

this girl is now not afraid of those voices 

this girl, this girl now shows her true self, bare for the world to see




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