That Girl

I don't want to be that girl

the one in the way

or the one who cries from the pain.

The girl that they look at and see needy.

I'm not that girl who needs people,

but every once in a while I need a friend.

Someone to be there as a shoulder to cry on

or to give me a hug on the few times I need one.

I don't want to be looked after

and I don't want someone always there.

I want to be alone to write

to draw

to cry

or to bury myself in my music.

I need them there during the hard times

the times I break and melt down.

When the pain gets overwhelming 

and theres nothing I can do.

Just as I know that, that's when they need me.

I'm there for the hard times

for their melt downs

and overwhelming pain.

Yet, when I need them

they are no where to be found.

It hurts to know they don't see friendship 

the same as me.

"Friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient,

it's about being there when it's not."

I guess a true friend is hard to find.

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