Can someone gimme danger?

I want to feel it in my veins

Gimme danger, oh my baby

And I'll feel your hand's embrace

My heart, can't you see?

Is just a vat of grime and grease

Kiss me til my love depletes 

Can you destroy me, lovely?

Feel my emptiness

Do you see my eyes?

Blackness, they are, and I've embraced

There's nothing left in my heart

Just some broken shards thrown apart

Witness my murder, fantasize

As I finally split in half, my

mind is all in wack

Our souls combine and leave this plane

I heard every voice, I

hear every sound

Before someone takes my soul again

I swear they'll never do that again

Swear they'll never do that ever again



Do you know me, danger?

I think you remember me

My acquaintance, danger

Know this one thing

Blood runs thin

Water will always win

Sweet, sweet, terror

Why must you be my favourite sin?


You will never forget me

Sweet sting of death

Love me so


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