Gifted not Broken


those are just a few names they are called
are not different
because of a disability give to them at birth
they are humans.
they have emotions that some people just can't understand
that's what I would change
on our unified basketball team
I watch them smile
and I watch them cheer
whether they got the ball in the basket
or they simply have the ball in their hands for that moment in the spotlight.
they don't get that with other students
they are treated like glass objects on display
don't touch
or they are simply ignored
"angry Austin"
a Facebook page dedicated to making fun of my autistic brother.
the bullies were never caught
but even if they forgot
my brother won't.
I can see how hurt he gets when someone teases him.
eighth grade someone tried to harm him
simply because they could.
all because they thought no one would stop him.
that's what I want to change.
just because try have a learning or physical or a social disability
they are not different
are living breathing humans with emotion.
they are gifted
they are the sweetest kids you could EVER meet.
no matter what hand they're dealt.
they can still find a reason to smile.


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