A Gift to Give

He saw her first, and never looked away

though barred door impeded his view

her eyes were clear, her constitution strong

of all women he had ever seen few

could match her for beauty

though her he should rue


Every morning she was there

and each time he watched

she became the focus of his time

no longer the wall he had notched

with vertical slashes, each one a day

to count the time he had botched


She was beautiful, lovely

beyond all compare

from her hat to her boots

from her hips to her hair

and try as he might

he couldn’t help but care


He wanted to give her something

a present of some kind

But what could he give her?

Nothing jumped to mind

until three weeks later

and idea he did find


It was there, within the walls

something he could use

little hidden treasures

shaped according to his muse

though from the other inmates

he suffered much abuse


The day arrived, and to her post she came

he waited for her, gift in hand

trembling from head to toe

but he managed to stand

he crossed through the room

pulled to her by a single strand


He handed her his creation

speaking with faltering lips

she takes it into her hands

and off his forehead sweat drips

the moment of truth

his heart was tight in her grip


His life depends on her now,

what she thinks of his little gift for her

a single word can save or condemn him

all he can do is aver

that he has fallen in love

head of heels for his jailor


Love him or hate him

he just can’t deny

that though it seems hopeless

he won’t let love pass him by

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