The Ghost of Ariton High


As she gets dressed

she looks in the mirror

she says today I will be noticed

she tries to be strong

as she walks through the doors

to her high school again

she walks by all

nobody says hello

no one can see

flawless, so much beauty

she goes to class

never says a word

still no one says hello to her

as everyone stands at break

the loneliness she can not take

in the girls bathroom she cries

nobody ever saw the pain in her eyes

wishing she had a friend

she wishes her life would end

flawless, so much never seen

she sits in the lunch room

all alone but still nobody says hello

all of the years come and go

senior year now we know

graduation day another girl stands up to speak

as she stands a tear rolls down her cheek

she says a girl I once knew

couldn't be here today

now a empty chair sits in her place

sometimes we hold our loved ones so tight

they never get to see the light

forever trapped on this earth alone

flawless, is how she was known


(I wrote this about my best friend her name is Miranda R. Sheppard she passed away when we were 13. she had cystic fibrosis its a disease that she was born with it eats away at parts of your amune system. I understood that I was going to lose her one day, there was no way of stopping it. Intead of dreading the day I was going to lose her I became her bestfriend. I tried for all of our time together to help her live her life to the fullest. This seinor year there will be a chair in her place and these are the words im going to stand up and say. Thank you for reading. In memory of Miranda's legacy. )


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