Getting through

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 12:46 -- LG100


From the heavens to the stars 

Forgive us for who we are

For we are not as perfect as we may seem 

Precious life lost to deferred dreams

And we ask ourself is this what God had in store for me?

Or did I do this to myself because my pride wouldn't let me ask for help?


It's a shame so we look for someone to blame

So we say its them and they say it's us

We could go on for eternity playing this game of who and what to trust

The most we could do is own up to our truth

It's time to let everything be aired


Our morals and values need to be repaired 

This journey, although a long one it may be,

It's meant for you to see

We have to let go and help ourselves so we can do

Because the only way out is through


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