Getting Older and Growing Bolder

Tonight the moon is rusty red
Hanging low over the horizons bed
I haven't seen to far beyond
That's going to change when I'm gone
I've always felt the sting of bright lights
I just yearn for starry nights.

All I know
Is that I want to roam
Try as they might to keep me tied
They want to immobilize my wheels
All they're going to get
Is my sword and sheild

Tell me to grow up
Settle down and watch the seasons go
I simply cannot live my life through a window.



as to my life plans, we'll they're different and have been met with scepticisim. this poem is about a journey of self discovery!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

interesting poem

it seems like to still trying to discover yourself , your journey

its about navigating your way to success and happiness

keep writing and build

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