Get Well

They say it isn't hard to get well.

That it gets better with time.

It isn't that simple.

They say it is a matter of will,

A matter of desire,

But it's not true.


I didn't choose to be like this,

It just happened.

It isn't that I want to stay like this,

Living in my insanity.

I want to get better,

I really do, but how can I?


How can I get well,

When there are days I can't look in the mirror.

When there are days I don't want to wake up.

When there are days I want to disappear into the shadows.


How can I get well,

When people refuse to listen.

When people tell me there's nothing wrong.

When the world is against me.

When I am ignored.


Don't  tell me what the problem is,

You don't know my story.

Don't tell me it's a matter of will,

I do want to get better, but can't.

Don't tell me get well, 

If you refuse to help.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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