Get Lost

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 16:28 -- qwegill

Get Lost


"Get lost! You ignorant teens!"

We gathered at the restaurant in pairs trying to find something to do,

We were hopeless, young, and untrue,

Pity fell upon us because that's all we had ever seen,

When we met Pity we thought he was just as mean,

He was kind, he told us where we should go,

"Get lost," and don't ever come back, is what we learned to know,

So, lost is what we did and we all ran away,

Two couples, one team, left all in one day,

The truth is, - we came back,

The restaurant closed because the owner died,

We all came back because we no longer had to hide,

Yeah, we got lost,

So did the owner on his way up,

Lost he was, stuck forever in limbo.






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