To Get A Grip


Sights of empty faces crawling on the fences

Who can reach fate with a license plate?

It's the long road of a sad soul

Where seeing is believing, seeing is for grieving

Hands out, fall down, landing ground, rest bound

Shouting for some silence, all it needs is guidance

Crying to the pavement, growing up in patience

Crashing into shadows

Everything is shallow

Try to pay attention

Never will they mention

All the empty dreams are swallowed

Purified and followed

Roads will come to endings and the end will start tomorrow

Hands out, fall down, touch ground, what now?

Breathing in a lost sense

Reaching for the sunset

What's gone was never borrowed

But it will go tomorrow

Driving for a dead cause will bring it to the last call

It has believed, now it will grieve

For itself.


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